What's new in Diskache


  • CORE: fixed a bug, where disks will occasionally not appear during startup if network is relatively slow to setup
  • CORE: changed direct access cap to a single cluster block. That should improve scenarios when a lot of uncached data is being loaded from slow disk. If necessary, this setting can be twicked by modifying direct-access-from setting in c:\ProgramData\Lost Tech LLC\Diskache\Drives\_DISK_LETTER_.fd


  • CORE: improved startup time for cached disks
  • CORE: updated 3rd party libraries to their latest versions
  • CORE: Diskache now runs as SYSTEM account, that allows direct access to underlying disks
  • CORE: improved robustness of disk writes on faulty hardware
  • TELEMETRY: reduced amount of telemetry
  • LICENSING: retail licensing via NetLicensing.io (Internet connection required at startup)

Release Candidate 2

  • CORE: added support for substreams and aligned streams (lets cache entire disks through manual configuration)
  • CORE: fixed rebuild-cache failing
  • CORE: fixed cache corruption that could have been caused by intermittment cache write errors
  • CORE: on any critical hardware failure cached disks now go into failed state to prevent potential data loss
  • CORE: improved error reporting during cache initialization
  • CORE: disabled shared access to underlying devices to avoid IO errors
  • UI: create disk dialog now better filters drive letters
  • UI: when new disk is created, Diskache suggests to format it immediately
  • UI: on Windows 7 Diskache suggests to restart Explorer to see the new disk

Release Candidate 1

  • CORE: Cache and Storage are now shared for reading when caching entire volumes
  • CORE: can now cache entire volumes (has to be configured manually via config files in \ProgramData\)
  • CORE: fixed communication issues Diskache was inducing in some other programs (like Visual Studio's Test Explorer).
  • UI: disk tooltips show amount of free space available
  • UI: all components are signed. You might still see 'unrecognized manufacturer' on Windows 7 though
  • SETUP: added installer
  • SETUP: installer now installs ImDisk automatically (fails if user declines)

Beta 2

  • CORE: Improved disk shutdown sequence to be more reliable (sometimes service would not restart if stopped manually)
  • UI: added text input for new disk size
  • UI: able to manage disks when core service is not running
  • UI: offers to create a disk when none is defined at startup
  • UI: automatically refreshes after starting and stopping service
  • UI: shows stages of disk creation
  • UI: various bug fixes
  • MAINTENANCE: added maintenance tool: checks for updates and license expiration
  • TELEMETRY: added program version
  • TELEMETRY: added daily disk running stats