Already available in Diskache

  • main storage and cache can both be ordinary files, no need to resize partitions
  • simple caching can be enabled in UI
  • can cache existing disk if it is not used by Windows boot process (manual config)
  • supports write-through, if needed
  • supports additional in-memory caching (unsafe against power losses and hardware failures, disabled by default)

Basic features

  • performance similar or better than prototype
  • advanced configuration through config file

Pro edition

Planned for Summer 2018

Advanced features

  • automatic suggestion of optimal configuration
  • better performance on large blocks in some scenarios
  • advanced configuration through UI
  • TRIM support


Please, download Trial to evaluate if Diskache fits your organization ecosystem.
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Future versions

Break of 2019
  • best performance via I/O scheduling with request queues
  • various performance visualizations